Inspired by Southwest Traditions

Butterfly Creations by Jan Wright

"A few years ago, with much gratitude in my heart, I vowed in all things to creatively express Spirit (Creator, God, Goddess, Father Sky and Mother Earth) so deeply as to touch the hearts and souls of all who look upon my work." - Jan Wright

Visionary watercolor artist Jan Wright lives on the edge of wilderness near Mancos, Colorado. Her intensely vibrant watercolors express her love of ancient sites and desert landscapes. Sometimes an animal or an ancient spirit will emerge from the shadows, textures, and reflections of her watercolor landscapes.

Jan's paintings are in numerous private collections around the country, as well as the Salt Lake County Arts Collection. She has created twelve successful one-woman exhibits in Utah, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. To experience more of Jan's work, see her display at Artisan's of Mancos. 

Butterfly Creations can be viewed and purchased at Far View Lounge at Far View Lodge.