700 Years Tour

700 Years Tour

Visit of a Lifetime

Visit of a Lifetime

Cliff Palace will be closed for essential preservation work September 26th. 700 Year Tours from September 27th will culminate with Balcony House

The 700 Years Tour provides you with an overall historical view of the Ancestral Puebloans’ architectural, horticultural, cultural, and religious dimensions of their lives in the Southwest. You will be taken through a chronological journey starting with the earliest recorded Pithouse villages (600 A.D.) in history to the classic Pueblo era of cliff dwellings dated from the 13th century. Cliff Palace, the largest of cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, is viewed as one of the top ten places to visit in a lifetime.

Departure Far View Lodge with a pick-up stop at Far View Terrace
Duration 4-hours, which includes short hikes to archaeological sites along the Mesa Loop Road and walking tour of Cliff Palace.
Guided Tours Led by knowledgeable and friendly guides with historical expertise on the culture, architecture, and lifestyle of the Ancestral Puebloan people. 
Motor Coaches Our comfortable motor coaches will transport you to Chapin Mesa, where short walks on simple trails will take you to both the earliest Mesa Top archaeological sites and the magnificent and more adventurous Cliff Palace.

Online Tour Prices**

8:00 am Tour

Adults: $46.00

Child (Age 5-11): $35.00

1:30 pm Tour

Adults: $42.00

Child (Age 5-11): $26.00

*Children ages 4 or younger are FREE 

In-Person Tour Reservations

If you are interested in reserving you tour in person please refer to the locations below.

Far View Lodge Starting April 14, 2016
Visitor Research Center Starting April 14, 2016
Morefield Campground Starting April 30, 2016
Far View Terrace Starting May 2, 2016

Our 700 Years Tour is our most popular Mesa Verde Tour - so book early. And don't forget to bring your camera in order to take home more than just memories.